Change retailer buying behaviour

Change long-term buying behaviour, build goodwill and trust within retailers.

Market challenges

  • Informal retailers stores are full of stock but it is difficult to influence their purchasing decisions.
  • Typical RTM strategies only report on what is within the scope.
  • Difficult to offer incentives directly to Retailers and the capability of simply and cost effectively disbursing funds to thousands of outlets is unavailable
  • Only way to change Retailer behaviour is through heavy infrastructure investment and a dedicated work force

Solutions we provide

  • Crowdsource merchandisers to call on these stores and capture data from supplier invoices.
  • M4Jam proprietary technology estimates and pays rebates or incentives in minutes directly to Retailer
  • Multiple promotions and incentives can be run simultaneously and segmented.
  • National reach and agnostic to all wholesalers.

Value we create

  • Track operational metrics
  • Measure return on investment
  • Benchmark and track product and category performance
  • Low cost to serve

Our experience to date

6,700 Retailers

30,000 till slips collected

R172m in supplier invoice value