Have transparency of your product
Create a tactical advantage by getting a 360 degree understanding and view of your product in the Informal Market.
Grow your informal retail footprint
Expand your numerical distribution across informal market retail channels and leave no stone unturned
Change Retailer buying behaviour
Change long-term buying behaviour, build goodwill and trust with informal retailers
Capture and process orders
Place orders through a variety of mediums, creating a convenient and affordable way for Retailer to receive a complete basket of products.
Data-driven strategies & solutions
Leveraging data analytics to create actionable informal market strategies to address inefficiencies.
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m4jam informal retail specialists

The intelligent approach to taking brands into the informal retail market

We have the power to train thousands of field staff to represent your brand and influence both retailer and consumer behaviour based on the information we gather. M4Jam bridges the gap between the board room and what is happening on the ground. Our approach is performance driven and your return on investment is easily measured as the resource costs are directly attributed to the task assigned. We can provide you the street smarts you need to take your sales to the next level.

Our achievements

At M4Jam we never stop, we are constantly creating opportunities for our clients in the informal retail market in SA. It’s so dynamic that we have to update these stats every month.

Audits done
Supplier Invoices
Value of invoices

Our latest data drop

Our weekly observation of interesting metrics in the informal retail market in South Africa. Prepared by our Go To Market Guru, Richard Dunn.

Our partners

They believe in us

We have helped these manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers and retailers identify and access the most effective sales channels to bring their products or services to the market and create customized sales strategies that fit the unique needs of their businesses.

Our awards