Capture and process orders

Place orders through a variety of mediums, creating a convenient and affordable way for Retailer to receive a complete basket of products.

Market challenges

  • Ordering cycles are irregular and difficult to predict in informal market.
  • Scheduled calling cycles against demand levels are inconsistent
  • The cost to serve this market with a dedicated work force is unsustainable and difficult to scale
  • Current solutions only cater for part of the Retailers basket of products.

Solutions we provide

  • Dynamic order generation options – Jobber, Retailer, Messaging, Call Centre or Auto
  • Multiple order execution options – Delivery or collection
  • Agnostic order payments platform

Value we create

  • Track operational metrics
  • Measure return on investment
  • Benchmark and track product and category performance
  • Increased logistical efficiency
  • Predictability analysis
  • Low cost to serve