Ultra Dog

Validate data nationwide faster than you can say "jam".

Tracking and confirming stock levels across multiple stockists, around the country, can be costly and challenging. Ultra Dog, a dog food retailer, harnessed the power of M4JAM's jobber base to launch a fast and cost effective campaign across SA. This is how we jammed...


Launching and completing data verification campaigns on a national level requires a massive human capital and time investment. Ultra Dog required a cost-effective and quick solution to verify data pertaining to stock levels of specific SKUs in various stores. Could the M4JAM jobbers be the ideal workforce for the job?

Our Solution

M4JAM offered the platform to launch and complete nationwide merchandising campaign at a fraction of the cost and time usually required to do so. The campaign prompted jobbers to locate specific stockists of Ultra Dog pet food, plot the location on a map and report on the specific SKUs of Ultra Dog pet food stocked in the store.



Massive savings on resources usually required to execute the campaign


Only stores who were not displaying the food accurately were visited which led to a bigger saving on resources required on the project