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With a constantly changing world, TomTom, the world's leading supplier of location and navigation technology, needed to constantly update its products and services, but the ground to be covered in order to update each point of interest was too much. This is how we jammed...


Data validation can be a costly and time-consuming exercise for any business. TomTom needed an innovative and cost efficient solution to constantly update its products and services without requiring a large full-time staff component to do so. The nationwide M4JAM active jobber base was the perfect solution to the problem.

Our Solution

M4JAM created a unique solution based on TomTom's needs that allowed jobbers to navigate the map to find and update specific points of interest (POI) which required certain data fields to be added or edited. Data or attributes required included: name, contact number, email address, website and physical address.


16 000

locations were updated.


Massive reduction in maintenance cost since no employees have to travel to any location to update information.


With M4JAM you have endless opportunities to make use of people nearby. We see many uses for this platform to meet our business needs.

Etienne Louw, Managing Director of TomTom South Africa