Ster Kinekor

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A large distributor, such as Ster Kinekor Entertainment, with a wide range of retailers found it difficult to assess and watch over every single in-store promotion. Was there a way to determine which promotions were effective and which weren't? This is how we jammed...


A national footprint and ever-changing promotional material in all these locations made it near impossible to track and improve the standard and execution of all in-store promotional activities. An innovative, fast and cost-effective solution was required for this nationwide problem. Could the M4JAM community reach far and wide?

Our Solution

M4JAM offers the tools to gather valuable information on-the-ground by putting products or services to the test without getting noticed. We created a solution that allowed jobbers to take photos of in-store promotions across all Ster Kinekor branches in order to provide feedback about the quality of the promotion.



Visual evidence was gathered on a national level without sending a single Ster Kinekor member out into the field.


Ster Kinekor was able to make the required adjustments in real-time.


We were immediately able to highlight issues or concerns with the merchandising company. And they could go out to fix it straight away.

Sonja Kleinhans, Sales Operations Manager at Ster Kinekor Entertainment