Discover research with return with the M4JAM community

In a fast-paced business world, the only way to stay ahead of the competition is to gain better insights, faster. When Silverstone CIS needed to conduct a sentiment audit fast, they turned to the M4JAM community. This is how we jammed...


Conducting research for the wants and needs of the market is a activity that brands often cannot afford. Silverstone CIS needed to conduct a sentiment audit for Nokia. The solution had to provide accurate and objective data - fast. The always-on-demand M4JAM community was just the solution they needed.

Our Solution

M4JAM created and launched a campaign within hours that gathered accurate data faster and more cost efficiently than traditional research methods. The campaign created prompted jobbers from a specific demographic to create and share their opinion about the Nokia brand. The results exceeded all Silverstone CIS' expectations.



opinion surveys were completed in 5 hours


better engagement than an SMS campaign run on another platform


Thousands of responses in such a short time is a unique proposition, especially because this is a not a promotional marketing platform where respondents are incentive's by promotional engagement. This is a fresh approach to engaging with an audience – respondents are paid to complete the survey, irrespective of their answers.

Raymond Buckle, CEO of SilverstoneCIS