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Keeping a retail store in pristine condition is essential to running and building a successful brand. Brand management wanted to investigate certain complaints relating to their stores without alerting store management of the situation. This is how we jammed...


Markham management needed to check the standards of stores' services without notifying store management about the activity. A mystery shopping campaign would help gather the valuable information by putting its workforce, products or services to the test without getting noticed. Could the M4JAM jobbers offer a solution?

Our Solution

The M4JAM jobbers became the eyes and ears that Markham management needed. We launched micro-jobs requiring jobbers to visit and inspect Markham stores. Each jobber had to visit the change room under the pretense of trying on a pair of jeans. These jobbers had to report on the state of the change rooms via the M4JAM platform.



The activity remained a secret from store management


stores were visited, inspected and reviewed