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M4JAM jobbers were experiencing difficulty cashing out their easily earned cash at participating retailers. We needed a solution fast. Could the very people experiencing the problems be the ideal problem solvers, or should we say trainers for the job? This is how we jammed...


New systems or processes and the communication or training thereof can be challenging for any business. M4JAM jobbers were experiencing problems cashing out their money due to a lack of knowledge amongst tellers in retail stores across SA. Could the jobbers experiencing the problems be the ideal trainers for the job?

Our Solution

M4JAM created a solution that allowed them to reach all tellers faster and more cost-efficiently than any other method. M4JAM created new jobs designed to teach jobbers how to explain the cash-out process to tellers. This solution, that could reach every jobber wherever they were, was created in a few hours.



A solution was created and launched in 3 hours


Inbound complaints reduced from 280 per hour to just 3 within 24 hours


It took us three hours to create a training job that would have taken the training company three to six weeks.

Warren Venter, Co-founder of M4JAM