Reward meets exponential reach with the M4JAM community

Testing the success of a new marketing campaign can be challenging and costly. Hippo.co.za needed to test the success of the messaging in their new TV commercial as well as the success of their new app quickly and cost effectively. This is how we jammed...


Hippo.co.za needed to assess whether its new TV commercial resonated with it's audience and clearly communicated Hippo.co.za's range of services and products. The brand also launched a mobile App and needed feedback from consumers on its functionalities and success. Luckily the M4JAM jobbers are always ready to share their opinions.

Our Solution

M4JAM's brand activation rolled out quickly and cost effectively. Jobbers could watch the new TV commercial and answer a series of questions to test the success of the messaging and the retention of the information. The second round of jobs prompted jobbers to share whether they had been exposed to the new app and how they experienced its functionalities.



surveys were completed within 72 hours.


Participants shared their data to receive more info about hippo.co.za's products.


The major advantage of M4JAM is the access you get to an instant audience that you can track in real-time providing quick consumer insights.

Daniel Jardim, Marketing Manager for Hippo.co.za.