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Would you like to make money faster than you can say "JAM"? Then sign up to M4JAM and start completing small jobs with big rewards today. Is it as sweet as it sounds? No, it's even sweeter.

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How M4JAM Works

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It's as easy to sign up as it is to earn money. Sign Up for M4JAM. All owners of a mobile devices and everyone 18 years and older are welcome to start jamming on M4JAM.

Find Jobs Near You

When searching for jobs on M4JAM, you'll see the most relevant jobs that you qualify for. Jobs range from simple tasks you can complete in your area, like taking a photo of a shop, or completing a survey from your couch.

Complete Easy Jobs

Jobs are easy to complete and take 10 minutes or less. You can do them on the couch, on your way to work or even in your lunchbreak. The more jobs you do, the more jobs you will qualify for.

Earn Money

Each job you successfully complete will earn you real money that will go into your M4JAM Wallet. Jobs pay different amounts but most average at around R15 - R30 per job. Oh, and don't forget you can earn more money for inviting friends to M4JAM!

Cash Out your Money

All your easy-earned money paid into your M4JAM wallet is waiting for you to cash out as and when you need it.

Spend With Us

What's the fun of earning extra cash if you can't spend it on the things you love most? You'll be able to spend your easy-earned money right here on M4JAM. We have some super sweet deals just waiting for you on M4JAM. Watch this space.

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