Castle Light Lime

Brand awareness for the people, by the people

SAB wanted to reach out to consumers to judge their perception of and raise brand awareness for their product. M4JAM offered the opportunity to shift buying trends by offering rewards, whilst gathering insightful data to help adjust their campaign. This is how we jammed...


Castle Lite Lime required data and insights into the general public's perception of the new product in order to improve brand awareness and increase sales. An innovative and cost effective solution that would help drive demand, volume and awareness was needed. Could the M4JAM community become brand developers and adorers?

Our Solution

M4JAM created a solution that would source valuable customer opinions without requiring a single SAB representative to go out into the field. The campaign required jobbers to purchase a 6-pack of Castle Lite Lime, record the price of the product and then try the product in order to answer questions about the brand and product.



Insights were gained from brand adorers


Sales were increased through post-purchase rewards